The DIA has issued Circular Letter #340, which provides a revised Treatment Guideline Number 27 addressing “Chronic Pain” as prepared by The Health Care Services Board.

This Treatment Guideline was generated to consistently improve health care services for injured workers by outlining the proper evaluation (including history, initial evaluation, diagnosis, etc.), treatment and therapeutic non-operative procedures (including physical medicine, diagnostic and therapeutic injections, psychosocial treatment, and medication management) and treatment that is not allowed.  The Guideline also discusses patient education and maintenance management. 

Of particular interest, it discusses the proper use of narcotic pain medications and their complete elimination when medically feasible and sets out guidelines for the proper management of narcotic medications by the medical community.

This Treatment Guideline should be considered by health care providers in the treatment of injuries and illnesses sustained by injured workers. 

Click here for a copy of CL#340 and Treatment Guideline 27.