New NH law regarding payment of medical treatment under RSA 281-A:24(I)

New Hampshire has enacted a new workers' compensation law regarding payment of medical treatment under RSA 281-A:24 (I), which is effective Friday, September 4, 2015.   This law states that workers' compensation employers/insurers shall pay the “reasonable value of medical services”; that the health care provider shall have the burden of establishing that their billing is reasonable for the services provided; that efforts shall be made to resolve any disputes regarding the value of those services prior to contacting the commissioner (who has exclusive jurisdiction to determine the reasonable value of that service); and that an aggrieved party to the commissioner’s ruling shall appeal to the WCAB. 

This law is significant in that it puts the burden on medical providers to show that their billing is reasonable, and no longer will workers' compensation insurers/TPAs have to pay for the face value of the medical treatment without question.

The full text of the law may be found at