John Harris

John P. Harris is the Second Injury Fund Manager at TKCK, where he is responsible for obtaining reimbursements for employers and insurers from the MA Workers’ Compensation Trust Fund. He also publishes the firm’s E-Newsletter and gives training presentations on Workers’ Compensation issues in Massachusetts under the auspices of the Council on Education in Management and Lorman Education Services.

Mr. Harris served two terms as Administrative Judge for the Massachusetts Department of Industrial Accidents, where he consistently ranked as one of the most productive judges, and wrote a number of precedent-setting decisions dealing with reimbursements from the Second Injury Fund. He was a featured guest on the award-winning broadcast series “A Question of Law,” produced by the Massachusetts School of Law, which was periodically aired on Comcast Cable in over 300 communities. In January 2009, he appeared on “It’s Your Money,” a cable television series, in which he provided an overview of the MA Workers’ Compensation Act for laymen. Mr. Harris co-authored a scholarly article for the Fall 2006 issue of The Journal of Workers’ Compensation, exploring the implications of immigration reform on workers’ compensation programs across the nation. He was a panelist on this topic at the New England Compensation Symposium, sponsored by the Rhode Island Court System in 2008.

John was an elected member of the Governor’s Council from 1991 to 1993, representing 39 cities and towns in Eastern Massachusetts, where he was responsible for interviewing and confirming judicial appointments within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Mr. Harris is currently National Director of the National El Camino Owners Association, an Internet-based auto club.

Mr. Harris is a graduate of Northeastern University, with a Master of Arts and a Bachelor of Arts, magna cum laude. He holds a Diploma from the East European Language School at Syracuse University, where he studied Russian language and history.

Second Injury Fund Manager

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